MI-RPD took the decision to expand the area of intervention in order to operate in the 15 countries of the Great Lakes region, the Horn of Africa and the neighboring countries namely Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, kenya, Tanzania, DRC, S-Soudan, Soudan Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somalirand Seychelles, CENTRAL AFRICA.
This was after noting that the efforts of organizations or non-State actors in these countries, whether in the field of peace consolidation, the development of the Security Sector, the fight against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, had shrunk considerably and in some localities these organizations took the path of closing down for good due to lack of resources or for other reasons.
MI-RPD has therefore decided to double its efforts so that it continues with the activities already carried out by these other organizations so that there is no vacuum, especially when we all know that the contribution of private organizations as well as non-state actors is essential for both governments and the population. All this can be seen in the activities carried out in the past either by MI-RPD or by other organizations working in this region because they make great impact.
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