MI-RPD History:

The MI-RPD, Mechanism of Search for Peace and Development Initiative  was created in Burundi in 2005 by partisans of Peace whose aim was to maintain peace in Burundi and stop social and Political Conflicts of that time, inspired by the chief founder Mr. Jean Claude SINZINKAYO. By that time, it was known as a local organization operating in only one country,  Burundi, but contributing to different Peace and security issues from other countries like DR Congo and South Soudan. MI-RPD was approved by the Government of Burundi under Registration No. 530/023 on January 13, 2006. 
MI-RPD performed many activities that were encouraged by the Burundian goverment, the nations and even the citizens. From 2005 up to 2015, the main activities included voluntary disarmament of the civil population, the follow up of ex combattants and contribution in the resolution of social problems. 
The first years’ activities of MI-RPD attracted an award from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, which followed an unusual self sacrifice that had characterized MI-RPD, together with the confidence the citizens of Burundi had placed in the young organization until they were able to surrender the firearms they held illegally in their homes, after more than 12 years of war which had followed the assassination of the democraticallyelected president Melchior Ndandaye. 

Our Mission:

The mission of MI-RPD is to promote a culture of dialogue in Africa, based on the fight against all forms of violence and practices that neither law nor morality can defend (a society governed by dialogue).

Our Vision

MI-RPD Vision: Building and Living a Community Free from All Forms of Violence 

Our Objectives:

  1. Contribute to conflict prevention and promote the development of a peaceful and prosperous region
  2. Consolidation of women and youth for participation in the MI-RPD program
  3. Bridging the gender gap in arms control and civil disarmament
  4. Promote education on the values and principles of active nonviolence as transformative approaches to situations of structural violence.
  5. Promote legal, medical and psychosocial assistance to survivors and victims of all forms of armed violence and to refugees
  6. Strengthen the technical, organizational and operational capacities of actors working in the field of peace building and in the development of the security sector.
  7. Lobby and advocate, advise, guide and improve the standard of living of urban refugees.
  8. Actively participate in the actions of States and Parliaments in the implementation of their commitments to the United Nations Program, the Nairobi Declaration and Protocol on SALW, the Kinshasa
  9. Convention, UNSCR 1325 and the Treaty on arms trade


MI-RPD is an apolitical, non-profit organization. However, it can provide an opinion and make a contribution on issues of general interest to the Great Lakes region, the Horn of Africa and neighboring countries, the continent and the whole world.

Mechanism of Search for Peace and Development Initiative (MI-RPD) is a regional movement for peace and security composed of experts, researchers and non-state actors. We operate in the field of peace building, security and gun violence prevention through actions aimed at combating the proliferation of Small Arms and light weapons.
Our objective is to eradicate violence emanating from those weapons and their consequences, to combat the illicit traffic in arms, to induce the owners of illicit weapons to voluntarily surrender them and to jugulate the violence caused by the misuse of legally held weapons.

Core values

The MI-RPD has a series of values that we put forward in our daily activities:
• Transparency
• Determination
• Leadership

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