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Relations with IGOs

Relations with IGOs: Regional Center on Small Arms (RECSA), International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

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After four years of suspension due to insecurity in the country where its headquarters were located, MI-RPD is renewing its...

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About Us

Know Who We Are

MI-RPD History: The MI-RPD, Mechanism of Search for Peace and Development Initiative  was created in Burundi in 2005 by partisans of Peace whose aim was to maintain peace in Burundi and stop social and Political Conflicts of that time, inspired by the chief founder Mr. Jean Claude SINZINKAYO. By that...

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Human resources The organization’s human resources consists of its active members as well as the volunteer and salaried staff, whether...

After four years of suspension due to insecurity in the country where its headquarters were located, MI-RPD will renew its...

Our Target groupGrass root CommunitiesExecutives of the defense and security corpsWomenThe YouthDisabledPrisonersRefugees, Repatriated and DisplacedLocally electedCommunity leadersCivil society organizationsProfessionalsStudentsSALW victims...

Affiliations: The MI-RPD is a full  member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), the International Peace Bureau (IPB)...

MI-RPD Is To Promote A Culture Of Dialogue In Africa Based On The Fight Against All Forms Of Violence

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Who are we?

We are supportive, non-state actors who are leaders and able to influence policies and programs aimed at strengthening peace and security and combating all forms of violence in the community


MI-RPD is an apolitical, non-profit organization. However, it can provide an opinion and make a contribution on issues of general interest to the Great Lakes region, the Horn of Africa and neighboring countries, the continent and the whole world.

Fundamental values

The MI-RPD has a series of values that it puts forward in its daily activities: • Transparency • The determination • The leadership

Destroyed Guns
Number Of Countries
Stake Holders
Number Of Trainees

Our Target group

        • Grass root Communities
        • Executives of the defense and security corps
        • Women
        • The Youth
        • Disabled
        • Prisoners
        • Refugees, Repatriated and Displaced
        • Locally elected
        • Community leaders
        • Civil society organizations
        • Professionals
        • Students
        • SALW victims and survivors
        • Demobilized and ex-combatants
        • Policy makers
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